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We offer manufacturing services for Skincare, Babycare, Home Care, Men's Grooming, Quality Formulation, GMP and ISO certified, OG Products which are 100% quality assured.

About Us

We at Urban Organics believe that health is the foundation of happy life and, being healthy means that elements including body, mind & spirit are free from all kinds of illness. Personal care is the most fundamental step towards healthier life as it includes maintaining body hygiene, feeling fresh, clean and more. Our company aims to promote and provide naturally prepared personal care & cosmetic items to the customers all across India. For this, we are working responsibly as a third party manufacturer. Our expertise & knowledge in using right herbal ingredients makes us one of the most reliable supplier in the domain. The product portfolio offered by us includes Haldi Chandan Soap, Neem Miswak Toothpaste, Beard Growth Oil, Face Scrub, Almond Hair Serum, Strawberry Lip Balm and many more items. 

Every product manufactured at our premise represents upmost quality. Our company adheres to all national rules and regulations for the development of natural/herbal products. The ingredients or raw materials that we use for production are sourced by us from the most trusted vendors in the industry who carry the same ideology like ourselves of promoting natural products among the customers. Through regular quality inspections, our experts ensure that all the chemicals & other banned substances by our company stays away from our premises.

In our servicing of around 10 years, we have strengthened the position of our company in the markets countrywide. We have gained vast experience in the field through which, we are able to continuously create awareness and excitement among the customers regarding the benefits of using fully natural cosmetics & personal care products.

Our Team

We are a team of passionate professionals who acquire all the essential quality traits that are necessary for the growth of company. These traits are:
  • Coordinated & synchronized work
  • Management and reliability
  • Trust, transparency and understanding
  • Skills and knowledge for completing tasks
Warehousing & Packaging

Our warehouse is cleaned, sanitized and maintained responsibly by the housekeeping personnel. And, our quality experts make sure that each item including Haldi Chandan Soap, Almond Hair Serum, Face Scrub, Beard Growth Oil, Neem Miswak Toothpaste and other is packed with tightly-sealed & leakage-free material for the safe storage and shipment of bulk items. 

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